Everything that pertains to life and godliness has already been given to us when we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior (2 Peter 1:3).

Everything,” includes health, wealth, and unshakable stability in all areas concerning us. We just need to renew our minds to manifest the promises. 

I used to ask myself all the time, “what does already given mean”, see at that point I was still trying to make change happen. When we try in our strength to do God’s completed job we just end up defeated. The outcome of our self-directed effort is always defeat. Why? The answer is Jesus, and when we try to do it without Him…it just doesn’t work. How do we let Jesus fix it? How do we find peace when so much going on? 

The answer is focusing on God’s word. You must literally have “battle verses” ready to be deployed when worry comes, when pain comes, when opposition of any kind comes.

Listening to teachings about God’s grace and about how His word will always lead to breakthrough in whatever area is given to Him allows us to relax.

When we make focusing on Christ a habit we are taken from faith to faith and glory to glory without any effort (2 Cor 3:18). Of course, we’ll do what is necessary to keep our home running and our family moving forward, but the inner toil, anguish and despair will melt away from us before we know it and the blessings will shower us continuously.

Let God's Word reassure Us Of Our Unchanging Protection

When we memorize God’s word our focus is automatically on Jesus Christ. When we focus on Jesus Christ, God’s Holy Spirit (the power of God that moves in the world today) has material to work with on our behalf.

When it comes to an immediate need, our mission is to get the Word in us as quickly as we can, as much we can.

  1. There are 16 verses in Psalm 91. By memorizing a verse per day, you’ll have the chapter done in 16 days.
  2. Each day recite the previous verse(s) and then read the new verse.
  3. Repeat each new verse over and over until you can say it from memory.

Best practices:

  1. If you can memorize more than 1 verse per day…do it.
  2. Don’t feel bad if you do not remember to say the verse. Instead, just say it when you can.
  3. Remember, this is a personal relationship being developed and no relationship works well under pressure.
  4. Understand that Jesus is not upset with us, He doesn’t want to punish us…He just loves us so much.
  5. As your memorizing the verse, see yourself protected.