Do you need prayer?
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Hello fellow believer!

Prayer changes things for the better. – If you have a pressing issue that you are facing, or if you just need the comfort of fellowship…we will stand in agreement with you in Christ!

How it works? – Once you enter your email, we’ll send you a very short form to complete. The form will help us understand your concerns. We’ll agree with you in prayer…it’s just that simple. After this all you have to do is believe that you have what we’ve stood together in prayer for and thank Him for it every day…with passion and feeling. No worries if we don’t feel an immediate change…that should not change our expectations for deliverance.

You have protection by the Blood of Christ Jesus

Let's memorize Psalm 91 and walk in the covering of Christ Jesus.

You'll also learn and come to understand the power of repeating this Psalm throughout the day.

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Take Care Of You!