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Be Prosperous Loved Grace-filled In Christ Jesus' Name...Amen!

Welcome Fellow Believers! 

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page…

God is glad you are here. God the Father is reaching out to touch your need in every area of your life. This is a time for you to celebrate. The Word of the Lord will set you free as it has done for me and every single Believer that has ever believed. Hearing God’s Word repeatedly will produce a consciousness so full of Him that your issues melt away.

Why does it work? It works because the Word of the Lord is alive, active, energizing and effective. God’s Word can make His promises come true in your life.

How to Auto-Suggest the Word of God

Called to Renew Our Minds

Seeing ourselves as God sees us is important to the renewing of our minds. In fact, when we see ourselves as Christ, which is what God sees when He looks at us, we began to usher in His supernatural abundance. We can pull up to the drive thru window of Heaven and order a large portion of grace for whatever we need when we see ourselves as God sees us.

In many cases we use our five senses to tell us what is real and what is not. This a mistake. The Bible teaches us that we should not trust in our natural eyes, ears or feelings about a negative situation. That we should look to Jesus Christ and be filled. However, many of us struggle with this because there has been a conditioning to believe the worst.

We look at the people around us and form opinions about our situation. If God wanted us to do this, He would have instructed us to do this. Instead, He gave us the blueprint on how to walk in His divine “peace of mind” … He gave us His word.

The Word

The Bible tells us that the Word of the Lord is alive, active, energizing, and effective; that it is life to our flesh. The Bible tells us that in the beginning there was the Word and the Word became flesh; and that God sent His Word and healed us.

Point – We should all get the Word in us as often as we can to improve our lives and walk in the abundance of our risen Savior. When we get the Word of God in us, His Holy Spirit has our focus and can work on our behalf. Remember, the Holy Spirit is God’s Spirit and the hand of God in this world. He raised Jesus from the dead as our Christ.

Getting the word into our soul realm conscientiously is the first step. The fact that we live in a very busy world that changes at the drop of a dime has conditioned us to move and think quickly all the time. This world has taught us to multi-task so much so that some of us must learn to sit for 15 minutes without letting our minds dive deep into thoughts that stress us. For the average working adult with a family, 15 minutes may feel like an eternity.

The Renewal Process

Repetition is how we get the Word of God to sink deep into our soul, it is also the fastest way to manifest His promises in this natural realm. As we continually repeat Scriptures pertaining to what we need, we’ll began to get ideas of abundance and strategies that will open the doors to the things we want in our lives. We will begin to preach the Word to ourselves by His Spirit.

Point – God’s Spirit, the Holy Spirit will never convict us of wrong…He’ll only remind us of who we are in Christ. In fact, this is a wonderful way to tell what’s speaking to our souls, friend or foe.

Ask yourself these questions when you’re confused about a message or a thought:

  • Do I feel fear?
  • Do I feel shame?
  • Do I feel despair?

If we feel any of these things or any other negative feeling, that is not the Lord, but one of two things:

  • Bad inputs from our environments over the course of our lives to this very point in time. TV, Internet, news shows, vlogs, text messages basically all the media, if not most of the media we knowingly and unknowingly take in on a moment by moment basis. These inputs connect to other negative inputs and form a belief system that our brain is familiar and comfortable with. Once it’s a belief system, our brain goes to work to protect it by reintroducing it through different negative thought patterns. It doesn’t matter if we want the belief system or not…it’s what we feed our brain that will rule our thoughts.
  • Familiar unclean spirits – enough said.

Point – Our subconscious minds will pour 10’s of thousands of thoughts into our souls daily of which approximately 95% are repetitive and many are negative according to Psychologists. Do your own research (go to Google and type in “studies on subconscious mind”). I am not guiding to “man” for the renewing of your mind, however, science reveals some of the magnificence of God…but has no answers that will last – just stick with the Word of God.

Renewal Techniques – 21+ Days

Have you ever heard a song so often on the radio that you were singing it for hours, in some cases even days? Or have you ever been watching TV for a while and after we move on to something else, we still see the commercials that bombarded we when we were trying to watch our favorite show?

This is auto-suggestion, and it works.

When we sit down to read the Word because we know we need, but fall asleep every time, that frustrates us. This frustration produces a strain on the relationship with God on our end because now we feel convicted for not loving the Lord enough to stay woke and read His Word. The truth is…God will never fault us for anything ever again…since the blood of Christ has cleansed us. Yet God understands that our finite human minds need convincing. God has a way around this for us. Because His word is alive it will affect change in our lives. Try it for 3-weeks which would be 21 days. Sometimes, depending on how negative a person is you may to do it longer. This shouldn’t be a problem for you if you really want deliverance.

  • Make a recording. – Use your smartphone to make a 2-minute recording that you can play when you wake up and when you go to bed. We can record ourselves for about 2 minutes or however long we can, repeating, “I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus our subconscious mind will pick up on the frequency and the message. our neurons will fire and connect and before we know it we have a new belief system.
  • Write your most pressing need as though you already have the answer. – For example, if you feel unsaved, write “I am saved by the blood of Christ Jesus” for 2 minutes each day. Or if you know you’re saved but start to feel dirty because you’ve behaved badly, write “I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus”, for 2 minutes.
  • – If you don’t have a way to record yourself, or would rather not write, you can simply time yourself for 2-minutes saying the statements instead. 

God’s love for us is flexible and He is not checking for your works. He’s looking at your heart and when you decide to move towards Him…He will show you more of who He is.

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