What’s In A Song?

Do we sing songs that convey the Gospel of Christ? Many of our old hymns are opposite of the Gospel. 

Read Below to see an example.


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Be Prosperous Loved Grace-filled In Christ Jesus' Name...Amen!

Welcome fellow Believers!

No Worries – If you are not in a position to give money, we ask that you pray for this ministry in “tongues”…your heavenly prayer language…God’s Spirit can bless us through you!

I remember the old song entitled “Come By Here.”

Listen to me sing it for about 20 seconds to jog your memory. Note – if by chance you’ve never heard it…it’s a hymn from back in the days.

We used to sing this song back in Sunday school…I was about 10 or 11 when I learned the wrong words.

It wasn’t until the Lord gave me this revelation:

If we are asking the Lord to “come by here”, that is saying that He doesn’t already live inside of us. This would suggest that the Scripture is wrong because in Galatians 2:20, we are told that the Christ lives on the inside of us.

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Let’s let our songs and words reflect His truth.

Listen to the new way we sing. Instead of passionately singing the words “come by here” giving the image that the Lord doesn’t indwell or live inside of us we sing it this way.

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The last version changes the emphasis quite a bit.

Let me share a revelation about what happens when we sing the “New” version every day and throughout our day:

Before I share the revelation, thus saith the Lord: The tongue has the power of life and death, and those that love it will eat its fruit (Proverbs 18:21).

We’ll have what we speak.

Only as a Believer in Christ can you walk in the fullness of His Peace. Accept Christ Now! Once you accept Christ you have access to all that He is now!

Knowingly proclaiming our righteousness in Christ releases His power in our lives and the more you speak it the more power your life will have.

Here’s what to expect:

Instant mood change for the better – you will begin to feel the difference in your soul “a.k.a” your mind.

Better health – your health is of a divine nature through Christ’s stripes before He went to Calvary to die for you and I. Proclaiming your righteousness in Christ releases His divine health in your mortal body. The Biochemicals that He placed in you will respond to Him and His life inside of you…praise God!

Improved relationships – your family will see that your change and the Lord will pay you a compliment through someone close to you. They’ll say something like, “you seem so calm…or peaceful”, that is the Shalom that Jesus died to give us and it permeates every aspect of our being if we let it.

Your ministry will come forth – this is conformation for someone reading this right now. Whomever you are, you know He’s been speaking with you about doing something to bring life to others. Hear Him. His love pardons the worst of us which is all of us. Your life experiences regarding how the Lord’s grace has empowered you needs to be shared. Let God’s Holy Spirit do the talking through you. When you do it this way, your opinion doesn’t get involved.

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